Five Common Mainframe Myths

Here are five common mainframe myths dispelled:

  1. Mainframe hardware and software are prohibitively expensive.
    • Hardware—Whether you are counting dollars per MSU (MIPS), terabyte of storage, blade server, any other form of hardware, mainframes and their peripherals are less expensive than ever.
    • Software—Software pricing on mainframes can best be described as flexible for most vendors. Most vendors offer purchase, lease, and rental terms. Usage-based pricing (also known as Measured Workload Pricing and Sub-Capacity Pricing) are excellent options for most customers. Continue reading
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What’s Next?

This is an open forum for current and potential mainframe executives, managers, technicians, and end users to share information and discuss the benefits of mainframe use in business.

My broad background allows me to address a variety of topics surrounding the mainframe. Because this is an open forum, we will feature technical articles from around the web, as well as bringing in guest writers to provide different perspectives.

Please feel free to comment. We value your input and look forward to having an open conversation with the mainframe community.

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